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Names of Entrepenuers.?

I need some names of entrepenuers. Don't have to be famous. Just their name and their company please. ^^

Posted by ang
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List of Famous Entrepreneurs

Alvin Ailey Dance (Alvin Ailey) Dance Theater)
Mary Kay Ash Cosmetics (Mary Kay)
P.T. Barnum Entertainment (Barnum & Bailey)
Warren Bechtel Construction
Jeff Bezos Internet (Amazon)
Michael Bloomberg Financial Information
Richard Branson Several (Virgin
Andrew Carnegie Steel (US Steel)
Steve Case Internet (America Online)
Jim Clark Internet (Netscape)
Michael Dell Computers (Dell Computer)
Walt Disney Entertainment
Larry Ellison Software (Oracle)
Debbi Fields Cookies (Mrs. Fields)
Donald and Doris Fisher Clothing (Gap Inc.)
Ernest & Julio Gallo Wine
Bill Gates Software (Microsoft)
A. P. Giannini Banking (Bank of America)
Walt Goodridge Writer
Leo Goodwin Insurance (GEICO)
Barry Gordy Music (Motown Records)
Joyce Hall Greeting Cards (Hallmark)
William Randolph Hearst Publishing (Hearst Newspapers)
Richard A. Henson Airlines
Fernando Hernandez AT&T
Milton Hershey Chocolate
James J. Hill Railroads (Great Northern Railway)
Wayne Huizenga Sanitation (Waste Management)
Steve Jobs Computers (Apple)
Robert L. Johnson Broadcasting (BET)
John Johnson Publishing (Ebony)
Henry J. Kaiser Health Care (Kaiser Permanente)
Herb Kelleher Airlines (Southwest)
Ray Kroc Fast Food (McDonald’s)
Estee Lauder Cosmetics
William Levitt Housing
Henry Luce Publishing (Time/Life)
J. W. Marriott Hospitality
Louis B. Mayer Entertainment (MGM)
William McGowan Telecommunications (MCI)
Scott McNealy Computers (Sun Microsystems)
Judi Sheppard Missett Fitness (Jazzercise)
Gordon Moore Electronics (Intel)
Andrew Morrison Web Publishing
Rupert Murdoch Media
Pierre Omidyar Internet (Ebay)
David Packard Electronics (Hewlett-Packard)
William S. Paley Broadcasting (CBS)
Ross Perot Data Management (Electronic Data Systems)
Jay Pritzker Hospitality (Hyatt)
Ralph Roberts Cable TV (Comcast)
John D. Rockefeller Oil (Standard Oil)
Carlos Santana
David Sarnoff Broadcasting (NBC)

Howard Schultz Coffee (Starbucks)
Charles Schwab Discount Brokerage

Richard W. Sears Mail Order (Sears-Roebuck)
Russell Simmons Music (Def Jam Records)
Fred Smith Shipping (Federal Express)
Charles C. Spaulding Insurance
Gloria Steinem Publishing (Ms)
Martha Stewart Multimedia
Dave Thomas Fast Food (Wendy’s)
Donald Trump Real Estate
Ted Turner Broadcasting (CNN)
Madam C. J. Walker Hair Care
Sam Walton Discount Retail (Wal-Mart)
Thomas Watson, Sr. Computing (IBM)
Oprah Winfrey.

Why can't these Billionaires bail America out, after all it is this Country that made them Rich.?

American Billionaire Business Leaders

Paul Allen Quotes – Microsoft Cofounder and Internet Entrepreneur.
Steve Ballmer Quotes – Steve Ballmer Biography – Ballmer Video – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft Corporation.
Jeff Bezos Quotes – Jeff Bezos Biography – Billionaire Amazon.com founder and Internet Entrepreneur.
Tim Blixseth Quotes – Tim Blixseth Biography – American billionaire businessman and real estate mogul.
Michael Bloomberg Quotes – Bloomberg Biography – Bloomberg Financial Media Company founder and New York Mayor.
Sergey Brin Quotes – Brin Biography – Google search engine co-founder and billionaire Internet entrepreneur..
Eli Broad Quotes – Eli Broad Biography – Jewish American billionaire businessman, art collector and philanthropist.
Warren Buffett Quotes – Buffett Biography – Buffett's Philanthropy – Famous stock market investor, philanthropist, and one of the richest men in the world.
Monty Burns Quotes – Springfield's richest man and nuclear power plant owner from the Simpsons cartoon.
Andrew Carnegie Quotes – American steel man and wealthy Philanthropist.
Mark Cuban Quotes – Mark Cuban Biography – Billionaire Internet Entrepreneur and NBA basketball team owner.
Michael Dell Quotes – Michael Dell Biography – Dell House – Founder of Dell Computers and wealthy American billionaire
Larry Ellison Quotes – Larry Ellison Biography – All Larry Ellison – Jewish billionaire founder of the technology company Oracle.
David Filo Quotes – David Filo Biography – American billionaire cofounder of the Yahoo! Search engine and Internet portal with Jerry Yang.
Henry Ford Quotes – Ford Biography – Ford Motor Company Founder and American Philanthropist.
Bill Gates Quotes – Bill Gates Biography – Cofounder of the Microsoft software company and the richest man in the world.

Wayne Huizenga Quotes – American entrepreneur and billionaire founder of Blockbuster Video.
Carl Icahn Quotes – Carl Icahn Biography – Famous American billionaire activist investor and entrepreneur.
Steve Jobs Quotes – Steve Jobs Biography – CEO Apple Computers and CEO Pixar Animation Studios.
Kirk Kerkorian Quotes – American billioanire investor and businessman of Las Vegas.

Phil Knight Quotes – Founder of the sports shoe and accessories company Nike.
Henry Kravis Quotes – Famous American billionaire investor and founder of the private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR).
Ralph Lauren Quotes – Ralph Lauren Biography – Jewish American billionaire businessman and fashion designer.
George Lucas Quotes – Billionaire Film Director of the Star Wars movies.
John Malone Quotes – American media mogul and investor nicknamed the "King of Cable".

Gordon Moore Quotes – Intel Founder and Chairman.
Charlie Munger Quotes – Business partner of Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway.
Rupert Murdoch Quotes – Rupert Murdoch Biography – Murdoch Companies – Australian born American Media Mogul..
Pierre Omidyar Quotes – eBay founder and billionaire Internet Entrepreneur..

Larry Page Quotes – Larry Page Biography – Billionaire cofounder of the successful Google search engine..
John Rockefeller Quotes – Oil billionaire and famous philanthropist.
Howard Schultz Quotes – American entrepreneur and chairman of the Starbucks coffee chain of stores.
Charles Schwab Quotes – Founder of discount broking firm Charles Schwab Brokerage..

George Soros Quotes – George Soros Biography – Billionaire Fund Manager and active Philanthropist.
Martha Stewart Quotes – Martha Stewart Biography – Entrepreneur, Media personality and billionaire Lifestyle guide.

Donald Trump Quotes – Donald Trump Biography – All Donald Trump – Billionaire Real Estate Developer and television celebrity.

Ted Turner Quotes – Founder of the CNN news channel and Philanthropist.
Sam Walton Quotes – Sam Walton Biography – Wal-Mart founder and businessman.

Oprah Winfrey Quotes – Oprah Winfrey Quotes 2 – Oprah Winfrey Biography – Billionaire Talk Show Host and Actress.
Steve Wynn Quotes – Steve Wynn Biography – Las Vegas Casino and Resort Developer.
Jerry Yang Quotes – Billionaire Yahoo! Inc. Co-founder..
Sam Zell Quotes – Sam Zell Biography – All Sam Zell – American billionaire

Wow! America is really on it's death bed! If we owe China & Russia whom we have never had solid realtions with over history, whats to stop them from taking over our Country.

Posted by Ophiuchus
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For one thing, they don't have nearly enough money — you don't seem to understand how much is required for a "bailout". And their wealth is not in the form of cash. Bill Gates doesn't have $50 billion in cash sitting around, it's $50 billion in Microsoft stock, which cannot be used to help anything. And if there is a market panic and stock market crash, those billionaires will be a lot less rich because their stocks will have declined.

The proposed bailout involves using $700 billion in CASH to buy distressed loans. All the billionaires on your list put together most certainly do not have a total of anywhere near $700 billion in cash sitting around, probably not 1% of that. And if they sold their assets to raise as much cash as possible, that in itself would cause the market crash they're trying to prevent.

What would you include in a brochure about South Dakota? Information needed by Monday. 4/24/06?

Posted by chelciebird617
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Admission to Statehood: November 2, 1889
Ancestry and Genealogy: South Dakota State Database
Area: 77121 sq.mi, 17th Land 75898 sq. Mi., 16th Water 1224 sq.mi., 30th
Area Code: 605
Biographies: Famous South Dakotans
Bird: Ring-necked Pheasant 50states List
Border States: Regional List Iowa Minnesota Montana Nebraska North Dakota Wyoming
Cam World: Live Web Cams
City Guides: South Dakota City Guides
Classified Ads: Shop50states Classifieds
Climate: South Dakota
Colleges, Universities: South Dakota Colleges
Community and Technical Colleges: South Dakota Community Colleges
Community Pages: 50states List
Constitution: 40th State
County Profile: County Map 67 Counties
Courts: Judicial System
Current Events: South Dakota News Headlines
Department of: Education Certification
Driving: DMV
Agriculture: Cattle, hogs, wheat, soybeans, milk, corn.
Industry: Food processing, machinery, lumber and wood products, tourism.
Editorial Cartoons: Cartoonists Index
Fast Facts: 50states List
The South Dakota flag features the state seal surrounded by a golden blazing sun in a field of sky blue. Letters reading "South Dakota, The Mount Rushmore State" — the official state nickname — are arranged in a circle around the sun.
Get this Flag

Flower: Pasque Flower Pulsatilla hirsutissima
Genealogical Resources: Cyndi's List Historical Societies

Geographic Center: Hughes, 8 miles northeast of Pierre
Governor: Office of Governor
Highest Point: Harney Peak; 7,242 feet,15th
Highway Markers: South Dakota Resource Manual
History: Historical
Internet Service Providers: South Dakota
Largest Cities: Sioux Falls Rapid City Aberdeen Watertown Brookings Mitchell Pierre Yankton Huron Vermillion
Library: South Dakota
License Plates: South Dakota
Lowest Point: Big Stone lake; 962 feet, 46th
Maps: Rand McNally DMOZ Blank Outline Map 50states List
Media: Radio TV
Motto: Under God the people rule
Museums: The Virtual Library
National Forest: South Dakota
Newspapers: South Dakota
Nickname: Mount Rushmore State
Nursing Schools: South Dakota
Origin of state's name: South Dakota is the land of the famous Sioux or Dacotah Indians. Dakota Territory and later South Dakotans were named for the tribe.
Pen Pals: Penpalworld.com
Permanent Residents: Find A Grave
Population: Quick facts 754,844; 46th, 12/00
Public Records: South Dakota
Real Estate: South Dakota Real Estate
US House: 109th Congress
US Senate: 109th Congress
South Dakota House: Members
South Dakota Senate: Members
Road Side America: South Dakota
Soil: South Dakota – Houdek
Song: Hail, South Dakota 50states List Sheet Music
words and music by: Deecort Hammitt
Sports: South Dakota Teams
State Quarters: South Dakota
State Parks: South Dakota
Symbols: Symbols & Facts
Topography: Image Prairie plains in the east; rolling hills of the Great Plains in the west; Black Hills in the southwest corner.
Travel: South Dakota Travel
Tree: White Spruce Picea glauca
Unclaimed Funds: South Dakota
Veteran Affairs: South Dakota VA Military Links
Vital Records: South Dakota Vital Records
Weather: Pierre, Pierre Regional Airport
White Pages: South Dakota White Pages
Yellow Pages: South Dakota Yellow Pages
Zip Codes: South Dakota Zip Codes

ALSO LOOK UP ON Http://www.50states.com/sdakota.htm

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