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What are some good songs with color in them?

What are some good songs with color in them?
White horse
Red Umbrella
Big green Tractor.

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Black Hills Real Estate

White Lines & Red Lights – Between the Trees
Perfect Red – Aly & Fila
The Man With the Red Face – Laurent Garnier
Redlight District – Porcelain and the Tramps
Red Red Wine – Bob Marley
Red – Daniel Merriweather
Red Dress – LoveHateHero
Blood Red Summer – Coheed and Cambria
Red Sky – Thrice
A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White – Underoath
The Red – Chevelle
Wine Red – The Hush Sound
Red Stars – The Birthday Massacre

Orange Shirt – Discovery

Blue and Yellow – The Used
Yellow – Coldplay

The Green Room – The Tins
The Brightest Green – Anarbor

Theme Park Blues – The Wombats
Blue Moon – Blank & Jones
Blue Fear – DJ Sasha
Blue Planet – John Digweed
Clear Blue Water – Above & Beyond
Blue Monday – New Order
Black & Blue – Chris Garneau
Electro-Socket Blues – Rogue Wave
Blue Suitcase – Erin McCarley
Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes
Blue Skies – Noah and the Whale
Fake Blues – Real Estate
Black and Blue – Miike Snow
Out of the Blue – Julian Casablancas
Counting Blue Cars – Dishwalla
Beautiful Blue Eyes – Chiodos
Blue and Yellow – The Used
Fuzzy Blue Lights – Owl City
Dark Blue – Jack's Mannequin

Violet Hill – Coldplay

Pretty Pink Ribbon – Cake.

What made USA be in bad economy situation?

I mean…What caused it to go down hill? And and if the goverment has the machine and power to make money ($bills) why don't they just make more??

Posted by TrAvIeSa
Black Hills Real Estate

Two things.

1 – Interest rates were not too high, they were too LOW. And, people got adjustable rates that reset to what they should have been on mortgages all along.

2 – Bill Clinton was not in the presidency, it was back in the 1970's – when laws were passed to stop discrimination in house lending. Eve is wrong to say the government forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. No bank or institution was ever forced to give to an individual based on race.

A perfect example is how someone like Ed McMahon, one of the whitest, richest and most famous people in Hollywood nearly lost his home to foreclosure.

– – –

Now that the ignorance has been addressed, I say it is a multiheaded snake.

1 – The general public. People were foolish. There was a time in this country when people read books and thought for themselves. Now commercials on television, internet and radio have penetrated people's self defense mechanism. Being told something is easy and affordable on television, even though it has been historically hard, has finally gotten through to many people. Before the 1980's, you typically had to have 20% or far more to get a loan for a house. People foolishly fell for the advertising. WAKE UP AMERICA. BANKS, BROKERS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND ADS ON TV EXIST TO MAKE MONEY!!! NOT HELP YOU OUT. IN BUSINESS THERE IS ALWAYS A WINNER AND LOSER. IT IS A MATTER OF DEGREES!!! BUT, THERE IS NO WIN-WIN.

2 – Our Education System. This is not some anti-teacher anti-union rant. All I am saying is that after mathematics, reading, literature, and gym/physical education and PERSONAL FINANCE finance should be the next most common CLASS! WE USE IT EVERYDAY. How many of us took a personal finance class in high school? Not an inservice, not a community based class at a rec enter or church. AN ACTUAL CLASS WITH AN ACTUAL CURRICULUM and TEXT BOOK and PERSONAL FINANCE EDUCATOR? Same goes for the colleges. I BET ITS LESS THAN 2% of us!!! THAT WOULD HELP. Help teach the general population how to figure out interst rates, investing, tax issues. Until personal finance becomes part of our education system, we are screwed!!!

3 – The banks. GREED. Simply put. Some people want to blame the government for the bad loans and say it was liberals forcing banks to loan to minorities and single mothers. LOOK AROUND. Foreclosures are hitting hardest in places like California, Arizona, New Mexico and Florida. And, further hitting hardest in second tier population majority white cities. Its not South Central LA, Queens NYC, West side Chicago, & Philadelphia… Its Albequerque, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Suburban Miami. And, its Americans from all walks of life… Like both of my coworkers who lost thier homes to foreclosure who are white and childless and my sister in San Francisco who is a black single mother, and people like Ed McMahon.

– 4 Government – yes government has turned a blind eye. Government should lead on regulation, education and advocacy. The government has steadily dropped regulation of the banking, securities and mortgage industries for the last 25 years. And, this is the result. Further, where was the government before this ship started to sink? Those who threw their hands up in protest were hushed or labeled doomsdayist or ultra-liberals who wanted government to control everything. NOW LOOK AT THE BAILOUTS!!! GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE ITS HANDS IN EVERYTHING. Finally, where was the government to force hands on easy regulation for mortgages. If I was in charge, every mortgage, loan and credit card with variable rates would need a chart of possibilites. IN LARGE PRINT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF EVERY APPLICATION OR AGREEMENT OR CONTRACT.

Example – currently your rate is abc%. Currently for every 1000 you owe, you pay this much xyz%. If the rate increase def% you will owe ghi dollars more per month.

Remember (I am not harping on Bush, because there were many people who failed us), it was this president who spoke of an ownership society in his state of the union addresses, and BRAGGED about the a larger percentage of the masses owning homes and having access to credit! NOT CLINTON, NOT BUSH 1, NOT RONNIE R or J CARTER. And, the Republican party used the homeownership and ownership society as a campaigning and advertising tool.

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