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Where can I find New York City real estate inflation data, from the 60's to the present?

Posted by greenjaybird
Black Hills Real Estate

We typically call it appreciation rate, but I guess you can call it inflation as well. When looking at real estate over the last century, the rate is about 4%. NYC is probably I bit higher since the rapid build up and demand.

Regardless, how the overall market performs has nothing to do with a particular property. Each property is very unique and usually will not follow the market…

Joe Ballarino

If Toronto were to host the Summer Olympics?

What new buildings would we have to build, and where can we possibly build them?
E.g : building a new stadium, and where to build the athletes village?

Would we have to improve some of the things we currently have?
E.g : expanding the ACC/Roger's centre's max capacity, and expanding roads so that more cars would fit? Which Roads?

Posted by
Black Hills Real Estate

The current vacant or underused land in the Toronto Port Lands area is due for redevelopment. Also, current venues such as the ACC can be used. The Rogers Centre would probably see some kind of redevelopment as well, as the building is outdated. Smaller venues would be located throughout the GTA. The IOC promotes a compact olympics, so developing re-purposable real estate and affordable housing for the TCHC on the Port Lands is both beneficial to the city in the long term and to the athletes.

Expanding roads doesn't actually solve congestion – it generally makes it worse. With the olympics, the IOC likes to see effective and efficient rapid transit. As such, rapid transit from the airport to downtown is a priority as well as LRT (light rail transit) to and from venues.

What is causing the Mexican population to rise in Michigan's 2 largest cities DETROIT and Grand Rapids?

I live in Michigan near the city of DETROIT and I would like to know, what is causing the Mexican population to rise in Michigan's 2 largest cities DETROIT and Grand Rapids?

The economy in Michigan right now is not improving, we need more factory jobs.

Posted by Red Barn And Cornfield
Black Hills Real Estate

Possibly extremely cheap rents and house prices. Mexicans and other immigrants are often willing to work in low-paying service jobs, and real estate prices now are so low in places like Detroit that a service job may pay enough to rent a decent apartment or even buy a place if everyone in a family is working in such a job.

I don't know that factory jobs will ever make a great comeback in this country. There are several reasons why I doubt it. Our economy in the future is going to depend on non-manufacturing sectors.

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