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Considering moving to North/South Dakota?

I'm and 18 y/o Floridian, St. Petersburg Florida. Currently I am in college but I am planning on moving out of state when I graduate(2 years).
I am considering North/S Daskota because I heard it is a state with a really good economy, it is cheap to live, and it has a very small population.
St. Petersburg/Tampa bay is one of the highest poulated areas on the US east coast, I hate populated areas and the heat as well.
When I move, I will sell my house and have a good 50-80 thousand dollars!(its an expensive house with a little bit on the mortgage)

1Would N/S Dakota be a good place to move?
2How much does a small house cost?
3Is it easy to live there financially speaking?
4Polutaion, what is it really like?
5I am going into Law Enforcement, is a Law Enforcement job easy to get?
6I have a good SUV fitted with offroad equipment, what are driving conditions like(and how crowded)?
7Anything else that is good to know?

I will most likely move out of state since my family is going everywhere out of state as well, I am just trying to figure out what place is best /cheapest /easiest to in in. Population is a huge thong for me, all the people are making my brain go fuzzy, best to live in no-mans-land.

Thank you for any answers : )

Posted by River Tam
Black Hills Real Estate

1.Would N/S Dakota be a good place to move?
I currently live in western South Dakota near Rapid City and the Black Hills. We absolutely love it here. I've lived all over the US (including Florida-hated it) and after years of travel, my husband and I knew we wanted to live here and raise our family. We've lived here almost 10 years and I wouldn't change it for the world.

2.How much does a small house cost?
For this area, I would check Http:// Currently there are 47 homes listed for less than $80,000 throughout the Black Hills if you choose to buy outright, or you would have an excellent down payment on a nice piece of land with a small house on it.

3.Is it easy to live there financially speaking?
For the most part, yes. There is no state income tax, but sales tax is 6-7% and it's on everything including food. Gas prices are usually slightly lower than the national average.

4.Population, what is it really like?
Small 🙂 Rapid City is the biggest city in all of western SD. It has a population of around 70,000. On the weekends, everyone in a 200 mile radius goes there to shop, but it still isn't as aggravating as the larger cities we've lived in. It's rare to have a traffic jam and our "rush hour" lasts about 30 min. The towns surrounding Rapid City are all much smaller. During the summer, we do get a large amount of tourists and during the first week of August, we have over 400,000 bikers here attending the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Many people that live here and don't plan to attend the rally take their vacation at that time, lol. I know that Sturgis brings in additional officers during the rally. Considering you're going into law enforcement, you may want to see if you could work a rally before choosing to move here.
5.I am going into Law Enforcement, is a Law Enforcement job easy to get?
Each town has their own police force, and then the counties also have officers. I don't know any police officers personally, so I'm not sure how easy it is to get a job.

6.I have a good SUV fitted with off-road equipment, what are driving conditions like(and how crowded)?
Driving conditions and weather change daily. Yesterday we had 5+ inches of snow in about 6 hours. The roads were slick and slushy. Today we had sunshine and temps in the high 30's. It melted all the snow on the roads and they're dry. A front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive vehicle is a must. If you haven't driven on snow and ice before, it's important to practice in a safe place and take it slow. A 4 wheel drive SUV will help you get going on ice, but it won't help you stop any sooner once you start sliding. During the Rally is the only time the roads are ever really crowded.

7.Anything else that is good to know?
If you do choose to move up here, be prepared for extreme temperature changes. We can have high's in the 60's one day and below 0 the next. That's part of the reason we like it here. Even though we get a fair amount of snow, the air is still very dry here. Even hot temperatures in the summer don't feel as bad since we don't have the humidity.

If you enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and just being in the great outdoors, this is a great place to live. In addition to the Black Hills, we have lots of wide open spaces where you can't see anything but grass and rolling hills for miles.

I hope this helps with some of your questions and good luck on wherever you choose to move. 🙂

What can I expect at my first job interview tomorrow?

I am 16 and and I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon at Shopko. What should I do when I get there? What questions will they ask? What other things should I know?

Posted by Anya
Black Hills Real Estate

I would wear a nice pair of dress pants in black, long sleeve white shirt, black low heels or flats, simple hair and makeup, nail polish clear or pale color, arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview (do not be late), smilel and shake hands when introduced and at the end of the interview. Below are comments/questions shared by applicants who interviewed at Shopko and were hired plus at the very bottom are 3 employee reviews pros and cons. Good Luck!

Cashier at ShopKo Stores-Received and Accepted Offer
Interviewed in Rapid City, SD (took a day)
I applied online. A few days later, I got a call. The interview took about 30-40mins. A few days later, I was hired. People very nice. Company not nice.
Interview Questions
Tell me about yourself?

Cashier at ShopKo Stores-Received and Accepted Offer
I was only 16 at the time. It was very easy and just basically asked questions about me. I had no previous experience before that.
Interview Questions
Tell me about yourself? TIP: Tell them where you grew up city/state, come from a small or big family, hobbies or clubs you participate, clubs you belong to, things you enjoy doing i.e. Bowling, bicycle riding, movies, books etc.
What do you know about ShopKo?or Why do you want to work her? TIP: check website to find out i.e. How long in business, #of stores, products they sell, do they have their own credit card, community involvement etc.

Sales Floor at ShopKo Stores-Received and Declined Offer
Interviewed (took 2 days)
The interview was actually pretty nice. I arrived on time and they were waiting for me, they told me to come in and sit down, preceded to ask me the typical questions they ask, when are you available, can you work weekends, and so on. I answered all the questions as asked.

Employee Reviews

20% discount in apparel, 10% in the rest of the store. Only work until 10pm at the latest 5am at the earliest
Discount excludes electronics, diapers, cleaning supplies: AKA stuff you want/ need.

Something different everyday
Fun people to work with
Laid back atmosphere
Do all types of retail work- learn the ins and outs of basic store operations
Higher priced than other stores
Too many sales
Lack of training
Too few employees on staff during peak hour shifts
Lack of competency by managers

I've met some nice people there. The job is very easy overall.
Very flexible scheduling and always have approved my days I request off.
Low pay.
One raise per year.
No consistent hours given. Sometimes 8 a week, sometimes 25.
Too many employees that ends up cutting into other peoples' hours.

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