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Is there a nation wide monopoly tournament?

Monopoly is my fav board game.. I guess i consider myself pretty good at it…. I was jus wondering if there is some type of tourny that goes on every year…

Posted by CB
Black Hills Real Estate

Hot Springs, AR
Contact: Laurie Rushing
Org: Trademark Real Estate, Inc.
Charity: American Cancer Society Relay For Life
Fee: NA
Phone: 501-318-3200
Email: Tournament email
Notes: Must be 18 years or older to participate.

Hot Springs, AZ
Contact: Ron DuBois
Org: Vicki's Coffee Corner
Charity: Heifer International
Fee: $15.00
Phone: 501-623-2221
Email: Tournament email
Notes: Players under 16 years old must have an adult co-sponsor

Ventura, CA
Contact: Lee A. Hess
Org: Ventura Country Council
Charity: Ventura Country Council
Phone: 805-496-8262
Email: Tournament email

Fullerton, CA
Contact: Diane Masseth-Jones
Org: YWCA North Orange County
Charity: YWCA North Orange County
Fee: $40
Phone: 714-871-4488
Email: Tournament email

Asheville, NC
Contact: Matt Riddle
Org: Hillside Games
Charity: American Cancer Society
Fee: $5
Phone: 828-232-4645
Email: Tournament email

Asheville, NC
Contact: Matt Riddle
Org: Hillside Games
Charity: Eblen Foundation
Fee: $5
Phone: 828-232-4645
Email: Tournament email

Middletown, NY
Contact: Patty Hagar/Christopher Corinthian
Org: Christian Faith Fellowship Family Church
Charity: The Bob Gass Village of Hope for Romanian Orphans and Christian Faith Fellowship Family Church
Fee: $25
Phone: 845-361-4587
Email: Tournament email
Notes: For kids and adults ages 12+

Mosinee, WI
Contact: Mary Kate Riordan
Org: Wausau School Foundation
Charity: Wausau School Foundation
Fee: $20
Phone: 715-302-0108
Email: Tournament email

hope this helped.

Hot Springs Village Real Estate?

Thinking about moving to Hot Springs Village but dont much about the area. Have some friends from there who love it but Im curious what the housing market has been doing there.

Posted by Mark
Black Hills Real Estate

It's very unlikely you will stumble upon someone with such specific localized information on Y!A, but a real estate agent in that area should absolutely be able to fill you in.

What are the worst streets in Desert Hot Springs, CA?

I have been checking out real estate in DHS but real estate listings naturally say nothing about the best or worst neighborhoods. Which areas are best to avoid?

Posted by veelalynne
Black Hills Real Estate

All of the streets in Desert Hot Springs are worse. Just go there and look around. I like it there.

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