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I am looking for real estate to invest in hot springs arkansas.?

I am interested in finding some investment property in hot springs arkansas..lake property or acreage..how can i locate this.

Posted by f s
Black Hills Real Estate

This site


is for accessing the multiple-listing service in Hot Springs. I am not recommending the real estate agency that operates this site as I am not familiar with local agents. But you can search their site for free to see what is available in homesites, houses, acreage, etc.

Of course the agency will be willing to communicate with you and help you – that's why they have that website. But you are not obligated to do business with them. It is usually a good idea to talk to a few people in the business to see who you like, and who seems knowledgable.

I wouldn't waste my time with foreclosures. They can be a good source of deals, but if you are investing, the most important thing is to find the right property first. Then you can talk about price and terms.

In this weakened market, you might find some good deals.

Best of success.

Is colorado springs a good place to live?

I'm considering a move to Colorado Springs. Whats the economy like now? Cost of living? How do people feel who moved there from other places? What are the people like? Are there things to do there?

Posted by sky walker
Black Hills Real Estate

I've lived in "The Springs" for about 15 years and live it very much. The winters are generally mild and the summers can be hot but at least not humid. There is a buyers' market now in real estate so housing shouldn't be an issue. Pet-friendly rentals are relatively easy to find if that's a concern of yours. Job market is tighter than it has been in years past but also not so bad. We have a strong religious community and the city is family-friendly. There are tons of things to do depending on what you like. If you like party all night long and enjoy the night life the Springs isn't the place for you; everything closes at 6pm LOL. If you enjoy parks and trails this IS the place for you. There are several nature centers, manicured parks, trails and open spaces left to their own devices, and skiing/hiking/snowshoeing/cycling/swimming/you-name-it either in-town or close by. The live music scene isn't what it could be but if you look hard enough there are some decent local bands. I find people here to be friendly overall but you will get some good-natured ribbing over being a "transplant" for the first couple years especially if you're moving from Texas or California. Being a military town we get quite a few "transplants" and they tend to remark on how friendly/clean/safe the city is. Feel free to e-mail me if you need more specifics and Welcome to Colorado Springs!

Question about Palm Springs, CA?

Do you know what neighbourhood this is?
It's Palm Springs for sure, and probably somewhere near the mountains. These photos are of three different houses, but yes, it's a cul de sac.

Posted by Ella
Black Hills Real Estate

This is not really a travel question. It's a real estate question.

Are you sure it's in Palm Springs? It looks like one of the thousands of cookie-cutter houses in the Las Vegas area. This could also be Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Desert Hot Springs, or any one of thousands of homes in the Coachella valley. It's only distinguishing feature is that it seems to be at the end of a cul de sac. And it almost looks like two different houses, unless it somehow has sidewalks on two sides of the house. Doesn't look like one of the country club areas, either.

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