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Is The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Good?

And can you please tell me what's new?

Posted by Courtney B
Black Hills Real Estate

There are 3 vacation destinations in Bon Voyage: Three Lakes (the mountain woodland), Takemizu Village (the Far East) and Twikkii Island (the beach). Each destination also has its own secret lot which can be found by getting a secret map. Players can also create custom destinations or buy vacation homes. There are many new NPCs including ninjas, pirates, fire dancers, local chefs, various hotel staff, etc. Sims can learn different things such as dances, massage and gestures from the locals at vacation destinations. There are also tours that Sims can go on. Random chance cards can be answered which determine the outcome of the tour. While on tours, Sims can find hidden locations in a vacation destination. The new oddity in The Sims 2 Bon Voyage is Bigfoot, and he is able to move in with Sims. After returning home from a successful vacation, a Sim may receive some temporary vacation bonuses, like an extra want, or improved job performance. A less successful vacation might cause jet lag instead.

Vacation Homes
For those wealthy Sims, an option on the telephone called "Real Estate" (familiar if Open For Business is installed) can be selected and your Sim can purchase a Vacation Home in the destination of their choice. This allows you to decorate your Vacation Home and can even include your own private beach.

Beaches are available in Bon Voyage. Beaches provide a new range of Sim interactions like "comb for shells" or "build a sand castle", or even "get in" to swim in the ocean, and "sunbathe" giving your Sim a golden brown tan. Players can also place beaches at a neighborhood. Some hotels are even placed on beaches, making them more expensive to stay than regular hotels. If Sims have enough money they can buy a pirate ship and have a beach at their own home.

[edit] Woodland
The second available area is the Woodlands, which is similar to a campground. Sims may camp in a tent or stay at a wooden lodge.

[edit] Far East
Similar to China, Japan and other countries around that area, the Far East allows Sims to experience a culture. In the other 2 locations, Sims are in "Vacation Spots" rather than a country with customs.

In each vacation destination there are 2 collectibles. If you collect all of them and place them on a collectible shelf you may get something special in return and you can show them off to your friends.

[edit] Building Tools & Objects
Two new types of roofs are included; they are pagodas & curved edge roof.

Some new objects include Hotel theme object sets (mountain, far east, and tropical hotel themes are available in the design tool), massage table, hot springs, tropical, mountain and far east foliage, etc. The sauna, tent and hammock are new objects that can be used for WooHoo.

[edit] Other
The Sims can take snapshots or movies on vacation. This might even be a goal at some point on your vacation. You may also walk to other lots instead of driving. Turn ons and Turn offs (available from Nightlife and upward) have been greatly improved. Players can now add skill level, work ethic, and "sim type" (plantsim, werewolf etc.) The new radio stations from this pack include: Local music, World music, Big Band, and Vacation themed music. You can also create community lot chapels, for marriages.

Sounds pretty good =)

How do you like St. Louis?

I'm from Texas and going to the U of North Texas, and will be graduating this next semester. I've applied for Teach for America, and really hope that I get positioned within St. Louis, however, I've never been there. I've just heard good things and thought, why not?

I wanted to hear from you all everything about St. Louis, really. I'm going to be visiting this spring break (somewhere near March 13th, I think) and would like to know of some good places to visit to give me a good look at what the city itself is all about. What would be a good area to get a hotel in?

Oh and of course I have more questions: How's the entertainment in general, like, is it as easy to get bored there, is it easy to meet people? Have you ever been to Texas, and did you like it more than St. Louis? How do you like St. Louis in general, and what info would you give me, someone who's never been there? Can you give me good places to get food too? I believe I will visit and eventually live in urban, downtown SL.
I have no idea who's right about St. Louis, so I'm calling a vote. Thank you all who gave me helpful insight/opinions.

Posted by Kristy
Black Hills Real Estate

I grew up in St. Louis and still have family living there. Growing up, downtown St. Louis was a place one visited for sporting events, for occasional bar hoping, and little else. However, the downtown area is experiencing a rebirth, with many younger adults relocating there from the burbs. This is not to say the city is back to its hey day, its not. However, the trends are positive, and the new ballpark and surrounding village (still in development) give hope that the downtown area will become gentrified.

One alternative to downtown is the Central West End (technically within metro St. Louis, but about 10-15 minutes west of downtown, and more of a mix of burbs and city life), which is home to Washington University. If I were a 20ish, single adult living in St. Louis, this would be my choice. It is next to Forest Park (second largest urban park behind Central Park), loaded with night life, restaurants, etc. Another option is Clayton, although it has become all the rage with wealthy baby boomers, who are scooping up real estate hand over fist. As you proceed further west, suburbia is all you will find (followed by the country).

Regarding the weather, St. Louis has four full seasons, with notoriously hot/humid summers and chilly, but not Chicago-like, winters. The fall and spring in St. Louis are beautiful.

The people of St. Louis are traditional mid-westerners: friendly and laid back. The burbs tend to be a bit insular, which outsiders can find frustrating (although this is less of an issue in the younger quasi-urban areas such as the Central West End).

As far as entertainment goes, St. Louis will never be mistaken for Manhattan. However, the city has three pro sports teams (and rabid fans!), a terrific symphony, great concerts/facilities, plays, etc. The bar scene – West End, downtown (the Landing), and the Loop in Unversity City – are all happening.

Coming from Texas, I do not think you will find the St. Louis to be boring, nor will you find it intimidating. It is an easy, manageable place to live.

Good luck!

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