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Looking for a House to rent in Hot Springs, Arkansas?

Looking to Rent a 2-3 bedroom House in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Posted by Linda
Black Hills Real Estate

You might want to check out these websites to get a feel for what is available:
Finding a real estate agent and real estate resources in Arkansas is easy to do using the Real Estate For Sale Network (REFSN). Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Arkansas, you will be able to find all the resources you need on Arkansas.
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I am sure this service could help you find a non-vacation rental/agent as well.
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Should I move to Phoenix?

I am thinking on moving to Phoenix. Currently I live in the NW-Tacoma, WA area. I've heard a lot of different things, comments etc but not from anyone who actually lives there. If you do live in the area can you give me a quick rundown on what you think of the area. (Especially if you are from somehwere else).

I love the outdoors. I have a kayak, 3 dogs and will need to find a job. Is it the job market tough? I would need to make at minimum of $40,000 hopefully in the marketing field. I know the real estate was hit hard out there… Is the rent expensive… It is hard to tell on Craigslist because pictures can be deceiving.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks to anyone who answers.

Posted by Amy S
Black Hills Real Estate

Hi Amy!
Well those were certainly 3 strange responses for you .
We've had amazing weather this winter and spring. It's the end of May and we still haven't hit 100. It's a dry heat you know 🙂 I do not miss the oppressive humidity of the East or the snow and ice in the winter. We use to live in northern VA and we just love it here in Phoenix. It does get hot but everything is air conditioned and you will get acclimated to the heat in time. You'll learn to drink lots of water and carry a bottle of it with you everywhere you go. You'll wear sunscreen every day and a hat when you are going to spend extended time in the direct sun.
Phoenix is an exciting city being the 5th largest in the country. We attract all the big name entertainers and have many venues where they perform. We have an abundance of good restaurants, museums, the symphony, hiking trails, golf courses, horse back riding, pro sports, several large resorts (more than most cities), etc.The more money you have, the more fun you can have – like anywhere else in our country.
If you like kayaking you'll have to drive up north as Phoenix is in the desert in the valley of the sun. Arizona has all four seasons. The snow bowl in Flagstaff is an easy 2 hour drive up I17.
Real Estate is a buyers market here. The job market isn't great anywhere right now. It would be better to have a job before you come. You didn't say why you want to move to Phoenix.
We are a 6 hour drive to San Diego or a short plane ride. Phoenix considers that its personal playground since we have everything but an ocean.

Virginia Question?

My husband and I are thinking of moving there not sure of the area yet but would like to know of some really nice areas to live in and is the job market pretty good there how are the schools there starting from elementary and up what is the weather like there is the crime rate really bad there and would you recommend someone to move there?

Posted by deannahndrsn
Black Hills Real Estate

Depends on where in Va you're looking to move to. Charlottesville is a beautiful area in the mountains, home to UVA, Virginia Beach is just a massive suburbia with every chain store and fast food place imaginable. But everything is convenient. Housing, you can get a nice home starting at around 275 K, schools in Va beach are good depending on what area you live in. Weather is good, very hot and humid in the late spring until early fall. We play golf year round, may see a bit of snow in the winter, but they're normally mild. Va beach is the safest city in the Hampton Roads area. Mixed culture, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc. We also have the resort area, the Oceanfront, with the beach and hotels and all the touristy stuff. Not a bad place to live. Check , the Virginian Pilot newspaper web site for real estate and jobs. Hope this helps.

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