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What are the best places to live in BC, Canada?

I'm a single female, 23, and am planning on moving out of the U.S. (still deciding on if it'll be temporary or permanent).
What places are most affordable, yet close to the city? I'm hoping for weather that isn't too humid/rainy or too hot. Where I live it's pretty much rain, hellish sun, rain, hellish sun, etc, and I want to get away from that.
So, suggestions please?

Posted by cosmodrone
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Well, first figure out how you're going to get here if you want to live here. You can visit as a tourist for up to 6 months but you can't work during that time. If you want to apply to immigrate or work in Canada, just google "Canada immigration".

BC is not known for being affordable, especially around Vancouver. Accommodation is about as expensive as it gets for Canada, on average. You would be lucky to buy a house anywhere in the province for less than $100,000 and that will be way out in the boonies somewhere. Rents in Vancouver itself are high, though surrounding suburbs are cheaper. You can check all that stuff online, through craigslist, newspaper classifieds, and on

BC, on the coast, is rainy/cloudy most of the winter, little snow and things stay green, but spring and fall can be wet too. Summer is usually quite dry and not too hot. The interior areas tend to be colder in winter but drier all year round and can be very hot in summer. But generally speaking, BC has a pleasant climate without a lot of extremes. That's why the real estate is so expensive. Lots of Canadians find BC's weather very desirable. And the scenery is great.

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