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What % of apparel sales are driven coz of seasons (i.e. Summer shopping vs. Winter) and events (i.e. Wedding)?

What % of apparel shopping is because of actual seasons changing (due to weather changes)? What is around pure events (i.e. Weddings, baby showers, birthdays)? What % is purely gifts?

Has anyone segmented total apparel sales around this? Does anyone know if any research paper or links that looks at this?

Posted by morningblues
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Sales are season driven because they have to be organized some how… Would you buy a heavy winter coat in the middle of a hot summer. Sales are also driven by region, some are hotter than others and vica versa. Sales increase dramatically when the weather changes. Most sales (advertisements) are done about 6 months before the season starts and are ready to be mass printed to be sent out (department stores). Some lower stores are different, such as rite aid or cvs. The rite aids and cvs' are season and holiday driven, but also driven by the vendors (suppliers of the mercahndise), which also moves faster than the merchandise from department stores. Holidays play a large impact in sales especially ones like mother's day thanksgiving and christmas. The only way to tell if an item is a gift is to survey every person what the item is for. Pure events are to plan by especially since each is in there own right significant. Again to determine whether an itme is for yourself or a gift, you'd have to survey the customer. Most department stores dont get that involved in asking personal questions (legally). Percentages are taken with each sale for each day. Depending on the sale item, the specific departments, jewelry, watches, home goods, men's, etc… Check the numbers for the days of the sale, units sold, units dollars, and the sale through. The sale through is the percentage of how the product sold. If the product has been sold before they can compare by day or by duration of the sale. Some companies may release information as a whole for the seasonl, but you would have to look in their press release and corporate information, again there's legal and security of privae information. Also some companies do have seperated sales for each season, so four, and some have on two, winter and summer or fall and spring. Depnds again on the company. Hopes this helps a bit…

List your "must see" places in North America…???

If you were taking a 2 month cross-continent road trip, where would you go and what would you do? Nat'l parks, cities, museums, natural areas, monuments, restaurants, etc.

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