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REAL emo bands ?

Ok well i like emo music yes i said it emo =]
but im out of emo bands so i want to like discover more from you guys
so can you guys give me real emo bands not poser emo like

my chemical romance
the used
fall out boy
panic at the disco
taking back sunday
hawthorne heights


But don't get me wrong those bands are great to but there just not emo.

Posted by xxif_i_fallxx
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A Day In Black And White
Angel Hair
Antioch Arrow
Christie Front Drive
Dag Nasty
Fire Party
Gray Matter
Hot Cross
Indian Summer
Marginal Man
Moss Icon
Nation of Ulysses
Natire Nod
Navio Forge
Portraits of Past
Rites of Spring
Shudder to Think
Still Life
Sunny Day Real Estate
Swing Kids
Turning Point
Trophy Scars
Universal Order of Armageddon.

What factors of analysis are the effective to determine where to invest in real estate in a distant area?

Posted by ztim21
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Basically real estate works on supply and demand. Unless someone finds toxic waste on a piece of property it will always appreciate in value because the population grows every minute of everyday. The trick is to buy parcels of land that will appreciate quickly. Here are some general guidelines. Find a piece of land someone would want to go to and is convenient to get to and you have a winner. For example, you have a piece of land that has hot springs on it and just beside an interstate. The odds that it might be developed into a recreational area are good and therefore investing in that land will hold a greater chance of getting a faster profit. Just remember unless something is found wrong with the land it will appreciate no matter what, it just depends on time and what percentage.

Do you know any hot emo guys?

Who are between 15 and 17 years old and I'm not trying to be creepy I just wanna meet some cuz I don't really have any friends.

Posted by Brittany
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I know a few but they won't be what you're expecting.

Real emos don't dress in tight skinny jeans with floppy hair.

If you're wanting to find a real follower of emo go on some real emo band videos and look in the comments. There'll be people, whether or not they are guys I don't know.

Try the bands Rites of Spring, Embrace and Sunny Day Real Estate.

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