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The best REAL emo albums to get?

I've done some research into stuff like rites of spring, sunny day real estate, jawbreaker.. But there's so many bands.. If I'm just getting into "proper emo" like that, what are the best albums to buy?

So that's no modern crap stuff.

Posted by Unknown Person
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Some albums that I like, that have been described as "real emo" are…

-"24 Hour Revenge Therapy"


Kudzu Wish
-"Reverse Hurricane"

-"Under The Radar"

-"For Your Own Special Sweetheart"

Hot Water Music
-"Forever & Counting"
-"BYO Split Series vol. 1" w/ Leatherface

-"Jack London Hotel"

Small Brown Bike
-"Dead Reckoning"

-"Hours Of Operation" (compilation)

-"Steady Diet Of Nothing"
-"Red Medicine" and "13 Songs" are arguably better, but Steady Diet Of Nothing is probably closer to what you're looking for.

Pretty Girls Make Graves
-not always described as emo, but it's a pretty safe bet that you would like "Good Health".

List some REAL post-hardcore bands?

Fugazi is badass
omar fails.

Posted by Chris
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Cap'n Jazz
Jushua Fit For Battle
Rites of Spring
At The drive in
Embrace Fire
Nation Ulysses
Dahlia Seed
Fall of Troy (I don't care what you say, if these guys aren't post-hardcore, then the genre doesn't exist)
Jeromes Dream
Big Black
Hot Water Music
Touche Amore
Boxcar Racer (DOn't diss them because they have tom delonge singing, I like them)
Jazz June
Sunny Day Real Estate
Goes Cube
Moss Icon
The Promise Ring
One Last Wish
Indian Summer
One Last Wish
Burning Airlines
No Knife
Page Ninetynine
The Jesus Lizard
Plot to blow up the eifel tower
Drive Like Jehu

Where is the cheapest real estate in California?

So far the cheapest place I have found is Trona (in San Bernardino County)… It's an old mining town that does not have much going on these days. Houses there start around $30-40k. Does anyone know of any other places in the state that have such cheap properties still?
I'm looking for properties I can buy and rent out (I live in the Bay area where the only thing I can afford to buy is a tiny studio or 1-bedroom) but still drive to and tend to over the weekend if I have to. Basically single family houses or duplexes are what I am most interested in. Super cheap places like Trona appeal to me because even if the property sits vacant for a few months, the mortgage payment on it will not be eating me alive!

Posted by urbanguy21
Black Hills Real Estate

No place you'd probably want to live. Trona is desolate and I'm being kind. Unbearably hot in summer. I don't think there's much of a rental market there. The only jobs are working at the nearby prison, which pays fairly well, so they don't rent, they buy–elsewhere- and commute.

If you are looking for a good value that also has a decent rental market, the Palm Springs area is still affordable (by Ca standards) and you can actually get someone you'd want to rent to–not someone who would turn your desolate rental into a meth lab (not kidding).

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