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Wilderness land to live in?

I am looking to spend no more than 10,000 on some land to build a small cabin on and have as a vacation home to get away from the world for a while and relax like a sort of Henry David Thorough thing. I need a place quite remote in some woods and i would want a place that has enough wildlife for good hunting and growing some vegatibles(if possible). I live in Minnesota and would like a place in northern Minnesota as there is a lot of wilderness land up there but i havent found any land within my price range that has all i need. I am willing to look at surrounding states as well, hell, even Alaska. I also need a place that is in driving distance of some small towns to sell produce to and gather the basics like gas, milk,food etc. I would need atleast one acre of good land in a remote area with lots of wilderness around me. ANY ACTUAL HELP would be appreciated. Obviously i dont have enough space nor the time at the moment to explain away on the little details of why i want this or anything so just please only give information if you have something valuable to say. THANKS!

Posted by ClintonB
Black Hills Real Estate

As you're probably aware, you can't get too much for $10,000. To be honest with you, I haven't seen anything at or under $10,000 that would be over an acre and buildable for quite some time. I'm not really sure how much negotiation room there is right now on land prices. I'm obviously not a realtor.

Your best bet is to look at places that are next to state and county land. This will allow you to have your home on your property, but access the government owned land for hunting. Most of this type of land in northern Minnesota is going to have a lot of wetlands/swamp, but you can still find some buildable lots. One of these areas is northern Aitkin County near Hill City, McGregor, and Palisade (not far from Grand Rapids). If you look at real estate companies in that area, MLS #9920021 from Hill City Realty (www.hillcityrealty.com) is an example. It is a little over your price range, but maybe the price can be negotiated? If you can bump up your price to $15,000, then there are more options. Looking at www.mcgregorrealty.com might help.

Aitkin County also has an annual land auction where they try to sell county land. The 2011 auction didn't have too much on it, but 2010 and 2009 did. Some of these lots are land locked, so be careful if you go this route. Http://www.co.aitkin.mn.us/Departments/L…

The other place to look would be up by Baudette and Warroad. I'm not really sure about the hunting up there and you'll end up with a lot of low-lying swamp.

I hope this helps 🙂

What are best cities to live in north carolina?real estate?

What are best cities to live in north carolina?
Thats has great scenery.

Posted by b-i-n-g-o
Black Hills Real Estate

Anywhere in Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Chapel Hill, Pinehurst. Fayetteville is nice, but a lot of military due to Ft. Bragg.

California real estate/housing prices in Bay Area Gilroy/Morgan HIll Trend?

I was wondering if in the near future the housing prices for this area in California will rise or fall. Will the new home prices see a drop or a rise? Right now, I think there is a recession…a drop in the prices but I am not sure whether the prices will continue to drop or not. Is it a good time to make the move to purchase a new home in this area?

Posted by Quest
Black Hills Real Estate

This is the best time as it is a buyers market. You call the shots. The bay area prices have dropped slightly but not much. There's not much of a declining market in most cities like Santa Clara and Cupertino. These are still highly sought after areas. Go out and shop, what can it hurt? The worst that will happen is you will offer 450k for a home listed at 500k. Maybe they will say no, but most likely they will say YES!!! I know some great agents in that area, let me know if your interested. Happy shopping!!

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