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I would like to work with a real estate mentor in Baltimore, md?

How would I be able to do that. I am very interested in real estate and would like to work with an real estate investor. How can I accomplish this goal?

Posted by dynomite_1998
Black Hills Real Estate

What kind of investor?

A flipper?
A landlord?
A speculator?
A developer?

It all depends on what you want to do. One good way to learn the city would be to become an agent and get access to all the information sources that come with the job. Plus you'd have your finger on the pulse of the local market. There are lots of flippers working downtown, especially in the "hot" areas like Canton, Federal Hill, Brewer's Hill, and Patterson Park. Those guys are hurting a little bit now because of the slowing of the market and the immense inventory of houses available that have already been rehabbed. Still, the smart ones are working niches and not getting greedy, those are the people who will continue to flourish.

If you're looking to invest yourself I'd suggest finding a qualified agent and spending some time with them learning about various neighborhoods and investment scenarios. If you just want to learn the business I'm sure theres a developer or flipper looking for some help, but you may have to work for free. Either way, theres alot to learn, just put yourself out there.

Which city could I live in?

After graduAtion I want to move to somewhere in northeast Tennessee but I don't know where I wOuld want to live at?

My idea; 2bed 1bathroom house, about a maximum of 1.5 acres (mostly the back yard) small town is the idea , love to live either on a hill or a mountain(beenz I would love to four-wheeling every chance I get) hate to live in a HUGE suburb of more than at least 10 houses on one block; live near a lake sounds pretty cool

So can somebody PLEASe help me?

Posted by Tim
Black Hills Real Estate

Before you start shopping for a house, you need to find a job. That will determine what city or town you live in. Once you line up the job, contact a good real estate agent and ask for help finding the perfect property.

Ontario, Canada real estate?

We currently live in Scarborough area (closer to north york)
but my parents want to move into the Richmond Hill area. Is it worth it in terms of commuting back and forth each morning/evening into the Downtown Toronto area and if the value of the home will increase in the future?

Also, Do you recommend any real estate agents? Our last one was a joke.

Posted by –Persian–
Black Hills Real Estate

I dont live in Canada, but I have made some real estate investment there. I dont know if any other city in the world has as many real estate agnet as Toronto area has. Un frotunately, majority doing everything to have your business except providing a real informative imput. I think investing in Richmond Hill area will result in a longer time span (5-10 years)…….. Good Luck.

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