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Baltimore Real Estate?

Why are there so many Baltimore properties for sale in the 40-60k range that have paying tenants or are ready for rental? Seems fishy.

Posted by no please
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It has nothing to do with foreclosures. Although there is alot of high end real estate in Baltimore there are also thousands upon thousands of houses in neighborhoods that are much rougher than downtown, the waterfront, or more affluent areas.

They say Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods, and it is. Neighborhoods sprawl across the city, many of which are rowhomes that were once in much better shape. Lack of commercial/retail presence as well as the open air drug markets have depressed the areas over the last few decades which is why you're seeing homes that, in theory, offer the same thing that other homes do, but they're in a much less desirable neighborhood. Many of these tenant occupied homes are in rough shape, are potential lead paint law nightmares, have tenants that are on month to month leases, or are program/ Sec 8.

The homes are there, they're real, but they come with alot of headaches. Hopefully as more private money pours into the city in the form of real estate development (realistic redevelopment, not building ANOTHER high rise luxury condo building) these areas will come up, just as Canton, Federal Hill, and Patterson Park have.

Best city..?

What would be the best large city in the hills of the U.S. I was thinking Louisville, Charlotte, Tennessee somewhere… Your opinions
preferably on the Eastern side. West has more earthquakes 🙂

Posted by Zach
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Louisville is a great area, and it has all kinds of different real estate, you would just need to watch out for flood zones, like fairdale and anywhere along the ohio river. Not sure how hilly you want? If you want mounts, than i would go with TN. Its pretty beautiful there.

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