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What do people outside of Mississippi think of the state?

I'm actually from Mississippi; born and raised. I've been told that allot of people OUTSIDE of Mississippi think very low of it. Is that actually true? I don't know; so I'm doing a survey on what people think of Mississippi overall. What do you think about the state?

Posted by Glamor Chick
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My opinion? (This is a long one, so grab some popcorn)

Mississippi is a BEAUTIFUL state as far as nature. The parks, the wildlife, the wetlands, the rolling fields, its gorgeous. Mississippi was also my first exposure to large populations of successful, educated, upwardly mobile Black people, as I attended Jackson State and made my rounds through sorority life, social and arts culture of Mississippi. I love that many people there support small locally owned businesses, and think the town squares of Canton, Clinton,Oxford, Vicksburg, and Port Gibson are adorably quaint. Your colleges have the best marching bands (Sonic Boom graduate!), the weather is fantastic, your restaurants have the best food, and there is something to be said for southern hospitality when invited into a Mississippi home.

As regards RACE RELATIONS, however, the state is lacking. Jackson is 70% black, but the public school system is 96% white. Which tells me two things. 1.)White persons STILL have no desire to school their children along with Blacks and 2.)White people make a substantial amount of money more than Black people in Mississippi if all but 4% of them can afford to send their children to private school (in other words, the vast majority of the White households have $17000 to spare every year.). American music was BORN in Mississippi, and is still churning out good musicians like Cassandra Williams, David Banner, Big K.R.I.T, Eddie Cotton, Faith Hill, and so forth, but very few who acquire fame claim their home state, or use their newfound wealth to improve the state. I'm sure you've been to Jackson. Farish District used to be equivalent to Beale Street in Memphis and Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Black people stopped using cooperative economics and let that part of the city decay, while pouring their money into surrounding White towns that want nothing to do with them instead of building their own businesses and real estate. Its just NOW getting revitalized, and it took outside funding to do that. And Y'all roads SUCK for traffic tickets and car tags to be so expensive. And all that beauty came with a price: your lovely Ross Barnett Reservoire was built by a racist 1950s governor who viciously secured millions of acres of property of poor whites and blacks at a fraction of the price through imminent domain laws a'la Central Park in New York. And they are still using vagrancy laws to a degree to have free labor in the Governor's mansion (those convicted and serving misdemeanor charges do the maintenance, cooking, lawncare, cleaning, and laundry of the Governor's mansion today…which is ALWAYS young black people.)

Oh, and this SUMMER? The JAMES ANDERSON CASE of the black man who was STOMPED RUN OVER by a PICKUP TRUCK of young White Rankin County boys less than a mile from my alma mater??????? Race relations have GOT to get better. Now, I've met some cool white folks there, but most of the cool White folks I met were NOT from Mississippi; they moved there for business reasons.

It's a difficult problem to fix, though, economically. A sizeable percentage of the Whites come from families who had businesses that benefited from slavery. So thats GENERATIONS, hundreds of YEARS, of old money. When driving down the highways of I-55 and I-20 and HWY 61, you will see several large businesses that seem to be in the middle of nowhere on farmland: Letourneau Technologies, Ceres company, etc. Those companies were formed when, after the Civil War and the outlaw of Slavery, the children of slaveowners who had land inheritances and money sold some of their land and used the money to start companies. Its like, if you owned a McDonalds and had 15 people working for you, on sunup-to-sundown shifts, and you didn't have to pay them hourly wages, just gave them Spartan room,board,and health insurance. Assuming minimum wage is $8/hr, and the shift is 14 hours, and subtracting taxes and the obove mentioned costs, thats about $20,000 PER EMPLOYEE PER YEAR that you can just put in the BANK to acrue interests for you children. Add that up for some decades, and you see why the problem is so bad.

Short answer? Your state is beautiful, but has some f_cked up people in it (and some big @$$ insects. WTF is a flying cockroach, and why are your spiders the size of my palm? Lol). I'll be back for Homecoming!

Whats the diff between the boroughs in nyc?

Queens,bronx,brooklyn,etc… Is manhatten a borrough? Any&everything would be cool.

Posted by FrenchMontana
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– Lower Manhattan: Home to the financial district/WTC. Many skyscrapers and many new highrise condo's. Not as much nightlife as Midtown. Feels more modern than Midtown.
{Battery Park, Chinatown, Little Italy}

– Midtown Manhattan: Many skyscrapers. Home to the vast majority of the skyscrapers. Very expensive. Most of NYC's entertainment, shopping, tourist attractions, clubs and stuff
{Chelsea, Flatiron, Upper East&West Side}

– Upper Manhattan: Mainly home to working class minorities with an increase of hipsters seeking cheaper real estate. Crime is moderate to high.
{Harlem, Washington Hts, Inwood}

– Northwest: A lot of activities, mostly low-rises and mid-rises and some small houses. Very very very diverse area; with a lot of Hispanics towards Corona-Flushing Meadows Park. Some white enclaves. Cool area. Crime can be low to high depending on where you're at.
{Astoria, Corona, Elmhurst, Long Island City}

– Southwest: Mostly working class South Asians and Blacks and middle class white howard beach. Dense suburban type area. Not much too do in terms of activities, long subway ride into Manhattan.
{Richmond Hill, Ozone Park}

– Northeast: Dense suburban area. Mostly middle class East Asians+Whites. Good schools. Crappy subway service.
{Bayside, Fresh Meadows, Flushing, Murray Hill}

– Southeast: Dense suburban area: Mostly middle class Blacks (though South Jamaica and Jamaica are lower income, the rest/majority is middle class). Not much shopping/activities. No subway service. Very quiet area and parts are very nice. Low to moderate crime.
{Cambria Heights, Laurelton, St. Albans, Rosedale, Hollis, Addisleigh Park}

– The Rockaways: The eastern rockaways are mostly low income people in projects while the western parts are very jewish/white and wealthy. The project parts have very high crime.
{Far Rockaway, Rockaway Beach, Neponsit}

– North Brooklyn: Mostly low-income and working class people. Very high crime rate and a lot of affordable housing. Mostly row houses and projects. Has some decent areas like Canarsie, Prospect Leffert Gardens and a few others. Parts closer to Manhattan have more hipsters seeking cheap real estate (Park Slope for example).
{Brownsville, East New York, Flatbush, Crown Heights}

– South Brooklyn: Mostly row houses. A lot of Italians, Jews and now Asians. A lot of activities. Low crime.
{Bensonhurst, Midwood, Borough Park, Gravesend}

– South Bronx is a notorious ghetto area. Mostly low income people and immigrants. A lot of low-rise apartment bldgs and projects. This area is mostly Hispanic with a lot of Blacks too. Home to Hunts Point which is famous for prostitution. Very high crime area. Home to Hip Hop
{East Tremont, Morissania, Tremont, Mott Haven}

– Northwest Bronx is the rich white part of the Bronx. Mostly mansions and stuff and very hilly. Very low crime.
{Riverdale, Fieldston}

– Northeast Bronx are mostly lower middle class blacks in dense suburban type houses. Not as much crime as the South Bronx. Moderate crime.
{Williamsbridge, Edanwall}

– Southeast Bronx is mainly middle class white people in dense suburban type neighborhoods. Low crime.
{Throgs Neck, Morris Park}

– Most of it is very suburban with a lot space. Known for it's italian population. The far nothern parts are pretty rough while the rest has low crime. The so called "forgotten" part of NYC.

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