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What are some cities where you can get a house on a hill?

Lately I have had this very specific real estate fetish. I love homes that are on a hill with a view of the city. An example of this is Beverly Hills/Bel Air/etc. Are there any other cities other than Los Angeles with this option?

Posted by K-9
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San Francisco. Some hills are more expensive than others. A house on Telegraph Hill could run you $10 million. Twin Peaks with a view maybe $4 – $6 million. On the other hand, Potrero Hill is reasonably priced (only a million or two) and has good views. There are more good hills, you just need to look around.

In neighboring Marin County, there's the hilly part of Sausalito, the part of Mill Valley on Mt. Tam (along Panoramic Highway), Mount Tiburon, and the side of Belvedere island facing San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Plus the Oakland and Berkeley hills.

Any tips for Italian Real Estate?

I am in the market for Italian real estate- mostly looking at farms and old farm houses right now. Is there anything in particular that I should know about living in Italy, buying a house (like what is the average price per square meter?), etc., etc. If you have any advice/personal experience it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Posted by CEM
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Prices… May vary a lot…. I helped in the sales of a couple of old farm houses… Usually at cheap prices you can found really big houses… I remember a 400 sq meters home on the top of a hill… A wonderful garden to see stars… Obviously the best offers are not near big cities and often have to be restructured.

Where to invest in India in Real Estate?

I want to invest in India/Northern India into real estate and get a fair amount of return on that.Although,looking for a property for residential purpose also in Hills as a second home India destination.
How do I go about it? Whom to contact?

Posted by Ralph
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The real estate boom in NCR regions is a buzz all over the nation. The millennium city has topped the list of best places to invest in the real estate of India. Past few years have shown considerable increase in the this area… So i think this area is much better then others in property investment conditions….and for better searching visit at this one www.home4sure.com

and one most important thing If you are planning to invest in real estate, be aware of the latest property prices at that regions…. 🙂

Pooja Bhatt.

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