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Broken Bow, Nebraska!!! HELP!?

I want and NEED to move to Broken Bow, Nebraska for soooo many reasons! And I was wondering if you know a website that would include jobs and or houses FOR RENT. Please! Let me know and thank you for answering AND I AM SO SORRY THAT THIS QUESTION IS IN THE WRONG SPOT I JUST NEED HELP SO DON'T MENTION IT PLEASE! Thank you 🙂

Posted by Pepe And Lulu
Black Hills Real Estate

If you just type in your zip code this website will bring up a list of jobs anywhere in Nebraska:
This website is the newspaper in Custer County and has job listings as well as real estate listings:

What caused the turbulence in the financial markets as a result of sub prime mortgages, why it affected so man

Caused the turbulence in the financial markets as a result of sub prime mortgages, why it affected so many different types of financial institutions including the real estate market, and what the Fed. Reserve Bank and Treasury dept are doing to contain the issues. "subprime mortgages"

Posted by JASMINE P
Black Hills Real Estate

This is not a one answer question, but take your pick. You have people that have been laid off while there jobs are going over seas for cheaper labor and thanks to your president he is even going to gv them a tax for doing so. You have your brokers who lied to cust's to get them an ARM rate that they could not afford anyway. You have your mortgage bankers that gave loans to anybody that had a pulse and could breathe. Your over inflated home loans.

I am getting very annoyed with Yahoo Help. I need to speak to someone immediately about my yahoo account?

I am attempting to send emails to myself from other websites and the emails are not coming to my regular email account nor are they even going to my spam. I am in Real Estate and it is imperative that I can send email thru my MLS system to myself. I have always been able to do so in the past, but all of a sudden in the last week or so, the simply disappear into nothing and it has really hinder my ability to do my job. Then when I try to find asisstance thru Yahoo, I just keep getting sent from one web page to another.

Posted by Tommie W
Black Hills Real Estate

The E-Mail address for Yahoo! Customer care is Com

866-562-7219 Customer service
408-349-3300 8a-5p M-F (Pacific)
866-562-7228 Corporate hq
866-800-8092 Billing
Small business cust. Services
Mail Delivery issues form

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