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Usually, are white people that dont want blacks and hispanics to have the same amount of opportunities?

As whites successful, well to do, happy, self fulfilling people?

Posted by Just Curious
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Just like the males that are against equality for women. You know they drive Bentleys or live in Beverly Hills, maybe some hills somewhere that has real estate value below sea level..

Do you know of any rich black people in America?

That aren't entertainers? Entertainment covers the athletes, artists, comediansetc. I don't know of any except Lonnie Johnson, the guy that invented the super soaker.
@Lye – Madam CJ Walker died a long time ago.
@ qwerty I know there are some upper class blacks around America but I haven't heard of many black multimillionaires in America that aren't in the entertainment industry.

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Here are some rich black people who are not entertainers:

1. First Lady Michelle Obama

2. The grandson of a hotel doorman, Don Peebles, worth $350 million, runs one of the country's largest minority-owned real estate development companies. Peebles Corp.'s portfolio includes hotels, apartments and office space in Miami Beach and Washington, D.C. Peebles left Rutgers University in 1979 to become a real estate agent in the District of Columbia, later working on Capitol Hill as a page and an intern. Today he owns 13 acres of prime Las Vegas land behind Steve Wynn's Encore casino that are slated for redevelopment.

3. Quintin Primo III is worth $300 million. The minister's son grew up in Chicago. He earned his MBA at Harvard in 1979 and took a job in Citicorp's real estate lending division. Primo founded Capri Capital in 1992 with childhood friend Daryl Carter and achieved initial success extending mezzanine loans to small borrowers that larger firms neglected to serve. Today Capri's portfolio is larded with apartment complexes; the firm's assets under management have swelled to $4.3 billion.

4. Kenneth Chenault, chief executive of American Express, has a net worth of $125 million. He attended Harvard Law and held posts as a consultant and a lawyer before joining Amex in 1981. He became the company's chief executive in 2001.

5. Linda Johnson-Rice, chief exec of Johnson Publishing Co. Her father, John H. Johnson (died 2005), founded the company with a $500 loan from his mother in 1942 to publish Negr0 Digest. Over time he added such keynote brands as Ebony and Jet magazines, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, plus television, fashion and book publishing divisions.

By converting farning lands into sez will it be beneficial for indian economy?

Converting farm lands into sez will benefitthe indian economy and its people.

Posted by Monideepa Kalita
Black Hills Real Estate

If you do little study on real estate prices after 2004 when the scam tainted party won the elections you will be amazed.

Everything which happens in economy is not automatic it is well known before hand, policies and its impact and effect which is preplanned well known before hand to the policy makers and their cahoots(corporates). So the rising inflation is not just because of bad whether,slowdown this may be because of bad policies and policy makers are much in knowledge of what is going to happen.

So do skyrocketing of real estate happen all of a sudden and automatic?lets find out few answers.

1)Why only after 2004 real estate prices started skyrocketing uncontrollably. In some places it has risen up to 5000 times. You may be flabbergasted to know that at some places where there is no industry,no education where average population is lower income group property prices is out of reach. What economics working there?

2)cheap land with tax discount provided for SEZ another way to help capital cronies and then handing over lands nearby to builder mafia for residential purposes and allow them to manipulate,speculate the prices never heard before.

3)So in the decade of great scams black money needs to be parked somewhere.Since the properties is the only option to park ill gotten wealth that could be the reason we see thousands of real estate companies born in era of scams and thousands of real estate projects came up from North to south, city to town and all at the prices never heard before. Obviously ill goten wealth dosen't negotiate or bother the worth of property so property worth of 10lakhs sold in 1crore thereby making another scam of speculation and manipulation where there is no end users but only investors.

4) in this process many small farmers who till couple of years back didn't know the zeros in 1000 became billionaires thereby created another socio economic problem of wealth disparity.

5) Almost everything cunningly linked with the prices of real estate be ut a metro line,expressway,highway,Mall,industry even national park nearby sky rocketed the prices.Dirt cheap or throw away or simply deserted lands by locals in hills are selling now in millions.

This happens when we let everything to be decided by market factor of demand and supply so tommorrow if even the food and water be traded that way don't get surprised.

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